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Car Window Regulator Repair

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Auto Window Regulator Repair

What is a regulator? Your cars window regulator is located inside your door and attached to the window and the door panel. The regulator is made up of two tracks, a small cable, and a few white plastic pieces. The white pieces of plastic are attached to the metal tracks and the cable. Inside the white pieces of plastic is another piece of plastic that the wire ends attach to and rotates, winding the cable in and out. This motion moves the car door window up and down.

Cars without power window have a window handle that is attached to a crank in the door, this crank has teeth on it and as you turn your car window handle it cranks the window up and down.
From time to time there are a few issues that can easily occur:

  • The white pieces of plastic can wear out
  • The thin cable can break
  • The cable can come off the rollers
  • The car regulator itself and break
  • Your window can come out of the track

In these cases, the car door window will not move up and down correctly.

Covering Broken Auto Window

If the car window will not go up, we strongly suggest taking a piece of plastic and some duct tape to cover the window until you can get it fixed. This will prevent any moisture and dirt from getting into the vehicle, which could cause more damage to your vehicle.

You can use a plastic garbage bag depending on how big the bag is.

In most cases, your cars window regulator can be replaced or repaired within an hour.

This same scenario would be the same on your front or read doors.

This is always the possibility that the car window itself could be broken in which case the car window would need to be replaced.

If you don't feel comfortable driving the vehicle, we can come to you with our mobile unit.


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