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Car Door Window Replacement

At some point, you may need a car door window replacement. Here's some important information every vehicle owner should know, about having their car door window replacement.

We all know that auto glass repairs are not limited to only your cars windshield. With many different types of windows on vehicles today, there an array of types of auto glass repairs.

Starting with your car door window replacement, there are several items that can go wrong for you. If you have car power windows in your vehicle, sometimes the motors burn out. For the none power windows, you have a manual crank which is attached to the auto car window regulator, inside door panel. This is what moves your window up and down. both have a track that the auto door window sits. in some cases the window will come off this track causing the window, not to move up or down.

Different types of auto glass on your vehicle.

The car door window glass itself is made of a different type of glass than your windshield or even your normal glass used around your home. The glass used on your windshield is a laminated glass, which has layers of Polyvinyl Butyral between layers of glass. The layers of Polyvinyl Butyral is what prevents your windshield from shattering when you in an accident to prevent you and your passengers from serious injury.

Although, the laminate glass could be used to make the other glass parts on your vehicle in most cases it is not. The chances of you and your passengers hitting the windows, other than your windshield are not as common as the chance of hitting the windshield. For this reason, the windows are made of tempered glass.

Car Side Window Replacement

The auto side door window glass itself could break, causing the need for car door window glass replacement. This is a relatively fast and easy process.

  • The auto glass technician will need to inspect the damage
  • Remove the car door panel in order to replace the car door window
  • Once the door panel is removed the auto glass installer will have access to the car door window
  • Once all broken glass is removed, the auto glass technician will insert a new side door window
  • Then inspect the function of the window to make sure the car window is working properly
  • The clean up any remaining debris

It's always best to call and schedule an appointment to have your auto window replaced as soon as possible. A broken window is an invitation for a thief to vandalize your vehicle if they haven't already!

A broken auto window can result in more costly repairs if left unrepaired too long.

Water damage can ruin many parts of your vehicle.
  • Water leaking in can damage your vehicle interior door panels
  • Electrical components such as electric door locks
  • Car window motors switch
  • Seat material
  • Carpet

And there's always the chance of mold and the smell that comes along with mold.

Don't put off getting your car window repaired or replaced. You can trust First Option Auto Glass to do it right the first time.

Call now and schedule an appointment!


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