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Windshield Repair Service

We understand that having a damaged windshield or other types of broken auto glass parts can be extremely frustrating, and time-consuming. It's import to know that not all cracks and chips can be fixed. However, chip smaller than a quarter and cracks less than 6 inches in length can be.

Although there are a few reasons that we would not be able to repair your windshield and a replacement may be your best option.

  • When the chip is in the driver's line of vision
  • Chip or crack extends to the edge of your windshield
  • When Chips are n the inside of the windshield to be repaired
  • Have more than 3 chips
  • If the chip or crack is in front of your camera or sensor in the windshield
It's important to know that there may be a visible flaws that will remain where the damage was located.

Auto Windshield Repair

Reasons you need to stop putting off having your windshield repaired.
  1. Windshield Chip Repairs are inexpensive.
    Did you know that most insurance companies will pay for your windshield repair?

  2. Small Chips and Cracks Spread
    There are many things that will cause your windshield crack or chip to spread, closing the vehicles door, heat, touching it or applying pressure to the damaged area or and hitting a bump while driving.

  3. Chip or crack repairs take very little to fix.
    Most cases, chips or cracks in your windshield can be fixed in 30 minutes.

It's always better to have your rock chip in your automobile windshield repaired as soon as possible. Stalling creates the possibilities of replacing the entire windshield and the added cost.

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